Experimental Radio News 8

Experimental Radio News 8, published May 5, 2023, includes an EHF law-enforcement instrument, longwave sensing, drone deliveries, new uses for aging satellites, Bluetooth space robots and more.

Experimental Radio News 8
Lassen Peak detector concept

Welcome back. Here are recent experiments and demos we've been tracking.

WN2XKT was issued to Lassen Peak, Inc. for nationwide tests of a handheld radar system for concealed weapon detection.

“Physical weapon searches or ‘pat downs’ are highly dangerous for individuals conducting the search, as well as the individuals being searched,” the company said. “Lassen Peak's solution will improve safety and the overall experience for everyone by allowing for highly accurate weapon detection to be conducted at a safe distance – avoiding potential conflict, eliminating escalation to use of force in situations where there is no threat, and providing for a more dignified and respectful experience for all.”

The company said its radar system-on-chip has the precision necessary to distinguish dangerous weapons and objects, such as the characteristics of guns and knives, while also discerning among items that do not pose a threat.

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