About ERN

About ERN
Illustration by Tim Lewis, used by permission.

Experimental Radio News is a free newsletter that highlights FCC-authorized experiments of special interest. These are licensed in the Experimental Radio Service or granted Special Temporary Authority.

They include new technologies, stealth-mode and startup companies, research projects, product development and demonstrations. Topics include consumer electronics, satellites, radar, high-frequency stations, security systems and mobile communications on land, sea or in the air.

Many experimental licenses are Wi-Fi related, vehicle radar, media production or defense contracts. ERN does not usually cover these routine items.

Isn't this material confidential?

A license applicant may ask the FCC to withhold certain commercially sensitive content from public inspection. Even when the FCC grants such requests it is often possible to extract meaningful information from general media sources and from other public material in the applicant's file, such as the license itself.

Why do you publish callsigns?

The callsign confirms that a license was issued, that the licensee is expected to conduct experiments and has made legal promises to the government.

A callsign may help you identify a station on the air. Some are exempt from, or may ignore, the station identification requirement.

Where are issues 1 and 2?

ERN 1 and 2 were published on another platform and are not currently available.

About the editor

2024 is Bennett Kobb's 41st year of covering FCC technology news.

Cost of subscription

Subscribe for free. Unsubscribe at any time. ERN is a nonrevenue activity and is independent of any company or agency. It is published as time permits.

No password needed

ERN uses the Ghost platform which does not use passwords. It will mail you the newsletter in HTML format. As a subscriber, to read ERN on this website, sign in with your E-mail address. Ghost will send you a link to the full site.

Your address is used only to mail the newsletter and give you access to the site.

Thanks for your support

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Experimental Radio News is ©2019-2024, Bennett Z. Kobb.

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