About ERN

About ERN
Illustration by Tim Lewis, used by permission.

Experimental Radio News is a free newsletter that highlights FCC-authorized experiments of special interest. These are licensed in the Experimental Radio Service or granted Special Temporary Authority.

They include new technologies, stealth-mode and startup companies, research projects, product development and demonstrations. Topics include consumer electronics, satellites, radar, high-frequency stations, security systems and mobile communications on land, sea or in the air.

Many experimental licenses are Wi-Fi related, vehicle radar, media production or defense contracts. ERN does not usually cover these routine items.

Why do you publish callsigns?

The callsign confirms that a license was issued, that the licensee is expected to conduct experiments and has made legal promises to the government.

A callsign may help you identify a station on the air. Some are exempt from, or may ignore, the station identification requirement.

Where are issues 1 and 2?

ERN 1 and 2 were published on another platform and are not currently available.

About the editor

2023 is Bennett Kobb's 40th year of covering FCC technology news. ERN is a nonrevenue activity and is independent of any company or agency.

ERN is published as time permits. Subscribe now; unsubscribe at any time.

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ERN uses the Ghost platform which does not use passwords. It will mail you the newsletter in HTML format. As a subscriber, to read ERN on this website, sign in with your E-mail address. Ghost will send you a link to the full site.

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Experimental Radio News is ©2019-2023, Bennett Z. Kobb.

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