Experimental Radio News 10

Crypto, blockchain, Artificial Resident Space Objects (!), satphones, shortwave - and the Rockettes, in ERN 10.

Experimental Radio News 10
Drones fly at New York's Radio City Music Hall. ERN 10 covers these and other intriguing projects.

Welcome back. First, here's a look at some new satellite experiments involving cryptocurrency and blockchain.

DOGE-1, licensed as WN2XFE, is described as a distributed ledger technology and imaging mission, consisting of one satellite intended to reach lunar orbit and operate for up to two years.

DOGE-1 is a Geometric Energy Corp. satellite “paid for entirely in Dogecoin” — an early “meme” cryptocurrency promoted by Elon Musk.

“With the introduction of Dogecoin, which was created as a joke in December 2013, a whole new crypto category was spawned — the meme coin, cryptocurrencies that associate themselves with an internet joke or pop culture reference.” — CNBC

Geometric describes DOGE-1 as the “first mission to demonstrate Blockchain Technology beyond LEO (low-Earth orbit)” and a “Unique Marketing Opportunity to display media inside the satellite to be down-linked back to Earth.”

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